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    That Liao learns the soldier registers a job advertisement, she is absolutely surprised the cultivated manners and president and Xun being getting more foolish, receiving benefit the nobility that whets to do during several years lead a director beside, just don't show.Old Liao may be an unique whole life good matter to press a root to record not to get up to he or she, can daze that the Nao wears a head stem to smile.Three year ago airports a take is all his sphere of influence, ever took to that all black once descended to order strictly for member, the wealth and properties of the aged and weak disease remnants Yun canned not be good at and occasionally saw a women wretchedness and did some help, root no big deal. Again express a gratitude Folding Knife, 2 people chatted some irrelevant topics again, the invitation way of Smith madam:"Liao, I really hope that you stay to have supper here tonight.I prepared a lot of desserts and hoped that you will like.As for these two pig hind legses, how should handle?Be used for braising?"Liao learns a soldier heart way:"The foreigner really has no the talent of food, in addition to braising can also roast and return ability Men, can be also deep-fried, return ability Mao.A rightness of pork knuckles plusing a going together with of dissimilarity to anticipate can do a several ten kinds of very delicious foods in China." He says with smile:"In fact I have a dessert to get, I can cook in person."Smith's madam is very exultant:"This be really too like, I just thinking study the creation method of Chinese vegetables." Although Smith's madam is discreet in speech and manner in the school, each teacher fears her very much,relax at the mood of home, conversation at will, 2 people get along with very happily. Old Liao has never dared to forget the purpose of he or she's this trip at 1:00, he makes oblique reference to ask a madam concerning the living attitude at 1.1:00, like of the movie television magazine newspaper, of everyday line regulation, love to wear what color of clothes, want to synthesize madam's all everythings to induce, end by dint of these data figure out her heart basic viewpoint. "Madam, does your love eat a sweet thing or a hot thing?""All like Survival Knives, however read newspaper, sweetly and easily increase fatty, several rates of hot easy increment cardiovascular disease, have already changed taste now." H'm, believe authority, there is self-discipline ……"Madam, your clothes are attractive, go together with very much with you." "BE?Thanks, I feel blue quite good to the person's felling."Like to be blue, should be comprehensiveness in heart Ping-ho.", Madam, do you change a lamp bulb in person?"Liao's learning a soldier is absolutely to have no words to seek words and point at a small Huo of electric light to say."That invites worker to change."A very simple matter wants to invite a worker and explains to pay attention to nobility imposing style, the common matter would not like to begin, and the heart is supercilious.Be received benefit to almost neurotic sensitive of old Liao, his each mental detail to the madam guesses 89 not to leave ten. Feel really like ……tomorrow can with the blackmail president of hall but emperor.Make enough money, make use of mine "benefactor" identity again to invite a madam to drink coffee, call colonel long together, make an opportunity that 2 people get along with alone Kitchen Knife Set, the old boy can not also appreciate Ti zero?The dinner takes leave a madam after ending and return to a home to take satisfy sleep bottom, finally no longer suffer from insomnia. Six truly reach again and his network the lover chatted for a night.The second day is Thursday, say towards being placed in puberty students coming, absolutely is an important day, because of today will at"ice rain is like tide" that the red river gymnasium hold an exceptionally grand occasion singing performance.Old Liao of language lesson a little bit presses not to live a field.Only the homework that set out yesterday ten people turned in, the rest one word of 36 people didn't move.In advance he once said to have never overdone a wanting of industry to punish drill ground running, this obviously reaches not to become threat, because everyone is in the sit-down demonstration, don't listen to conductor.Make collective report to the school, or the backlog Be till certain time carry on giving a demerit to punish that again how?This and is Chiu big strange to still have differentiation? Old Liao feels he or she the thought at first still keeps being getting wronger, the prestige signs not enoughly, has to have the taste that they is attracted to a sudden affairs and lets them knows that my old Liao doesn't be vegetarian. Complained of then continuing to prelect for a while.Secretly the organization resists the Cui government of activity can accept the poise that can put to the teacher very shocked. Ability number of notebook several worlds to have fluctuation again.Wager ball affairs top although drive next, in consideration of he cans account and then account and also is regarded as a not vulgar performance, the intelligence increases 10 cents;A lose is 4,500 pieces, still along with take of, money value increases 10;And the beauty ice cloud of teacher Su contained brief contact, the magic power value added 5. If in spite of foreign literature Damascus Chef Knives, Liao learns a soldier to come to backlog for these two days many classroom experience, explain in detail Chinese thou text text write freely, hardly have a problem to seldom pour him.Liao learned a soldier to originally have very deep ancient text achievement bottom and history knowledge, the scholarship of this aspect is very encyclopedic, he was to brag a big king by himself, spoke of a story come clear, humor vivid, quoted from some literary references on the text, let 12 students who had a passion for study to he greatly for present new look. "This Cao holds do of annoys to sing 3, explained his vehemence and life ambition.Cao's holding is a lovely master of intrigues, 'however big hero ability the true colors is a true well-known scholar from romantic', the Cao holds can thus true colors, explain that he is a hero, and is a big hero!However this hero is very deceitful, very crafty of, therefore is a deceitful hero, call master of intrigues.……"(The adduction easily wins explaining in detail of Mr. Tian all of a sudden) When majority of students all are greatly talking to talk that the Mu permits ice rain singing performance especially, have already had 12 students drive fascinatingly of teaching contents draw on, the beginning hard starts to do notes. In order to feeling to have the necessity the challenge for accepting a student, when lesson after the Cui government pass a singing performance admission ticket to him, knowing perfectly welling a way this is a crafty and matchless Yan in the Hong door while inviting him to watch together with everyone, old Liao also only crustily the skin of head accepted. "This Mu permits ice rain, exactly is what kind of person?Ask for are you like this infatuated with her?"Old Liao holds to pack elegant admission ticket to ask.That admission ticket like formal invitation general, is divided into an inside outside 2 F, bind a gold color silk ribbon, the writing of cover printing daintiness:Ice rain is like tide singing performance.Wrap a ticket inside the plastics thin film of inside, up print ticket price and seat. "Teacher, you too Mars!We all really doubt that you have to cross over 21th century!"The star master of none eyeful fan of Chen You Nian inebriates ground to say:"Her magic power is incomparable, as long as she stands on the satge, her ray of light is more even great than the sun Damascus Kitchen Knives, her shining glory still has to be charming than the moon.As long as her openings sings, you absolutely can not breathe.Her look in the eyes like angel the general spring is clean and pure, generally cast a glamour like the devil, as long as you have a liking for one eye, the meeting lose holdout ability and lose oneself's all everythings at the moment." "Feed, exaggerated too much?You at read what person lately- made poem?" "Execuse me, I this is at lately star in the world magazine up the introduction for seeing, however use to describe her, is really too much to the point." Having a little is marvelous, Liao learns a soldier to looking at the star photograph in the Chen You Nian's hand to say:"How, this woman has a little familiar looking, don't remember where once saw.I think to be what good matter." "Teacher, have you ever seen the Mu permitting ice rain?Dream to see of?"It is public to embrace to him with the hiss. At 7:30 p.m., 2,000 meters road of outside in red doorway in the river gymnasium has already been rounded by the vehicle pedestrian ram-jam full. Hand over Jing to start to pull long long of the warnning line conductor try to pass this all the way a segment to round road but go.Each police and security personnels is all making an effort to support order, the thousands fan outside the field brandishes fluorescence stick together voice yell the Mu permits ice rain of name, voice earthquake street side the leaf rustle.Still the quite a few person tries very hard to forward crowded, an eye hope to go, is all person's head everywhere, the nose carries to fill up smelly very of sweat flavor. For doing not in student's in front watch a singing performance lose face, old Liao especially the idea changed the shirt in piece thin yellow, firm enter top of trousers inside since spirit again honourable.The students seeming to be early has been already premeditated, don't go and seem to be timid, go to, also don't know that how much good matter in front has to wait him.Anyway my old Liao is long to so greatly haven't seen star, was to go to a trip zoo, the diagram is rare.

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